Terms of service

Basic Lease
This agreement is between Greg Nesbit a.k.a gwhizzsc & CLIENT NAME HERE On The above date For The Instrumental Titled "BEAT NAME". The purpose of this agreement is to allow limited commercial recordings, broadcasts, and distribution for the artist using the copyrighted musical composition you purchased a lease to. - The artist is entitled to create 2,500 recordings for profit or commercial broadcasts using the leased track. Commercial use includes, sales to fans, disc jockeys, record reviewers, radio, shows, music videos & so on. This is a leased track so it MAY NOT be used for BIG album sales, BIG in store sales, or television & things of that nature. - The artist is entitled to create 2,500 recordings for profitable or commercial broadcasts and distribute 2,500 copies using the leased track as long as he/she abides by the lease rules. - The artist may not redistribute or resell the leased track. The rights entitled in this agreement may not be transferred to any other party. If these conditions are not met, gwhizzsc holds the right to consider this agreement NULL and VOID. Artist will NOT be refunded. - Credit must be given to gwhizzsc (Produced by gwhizzsc) at ALL times. - This is a NON Exclusive Agreement. Greg (GWhizzsc) Nesbit still maintains FULL ownership of said instrumental. www.gwhizzsc.com G-Whizz Productions LLC Split 50% Writers 50% Publishing BMI – WHIZZ WORLD PUBLISHING - Publishing #00715884515 BMI – NESBIT GREGORY LEON - Writers #00356700464

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